August 25, 2015

Springfree Trampoline Sale!

Springfree Trampolines - the best, safest trampolines on the market!

Get your Springfree  Trampoline for your family - it's FUN, it's FITNESS, and it's the safest and best-performing trampoline out there. The bounce on a Springfree is bouncier than any other trampoline. And you get full surface use - there is no padding around the edges taking up precious play space. Everything your body comes in contact with on a Springfree is soft and flexible. No metal springs, no metal poles, nothing but a spacious surface full of bounce and a "soft but strong" heavy-duty enclosure net. 

Our customers have been enjoying their Springfree Trampolines for years. We request and value their feedback on all our products; we get their first-hand opinions on how they feel about their trampoline after using it for a while, and they have all given their Springfree Trampolines a big thumbs-up! They love them, the kids enjoy them, the adults enjoy them, the whole family gets in on the fun! They like the zipper enclosure entry (easy in, easy out), they like the strong netting that bounces you right back, they like the strong serious bounce, they like the spacious area to play, they like the durability and way they've held up over time. 
Bottom line - our customers feel good about investing in their Springfree Trampoline. And that makes us feel good, and we want to make it as easy as possible to have other families get theirs. 

End of Summer Deal - we will take $100 off your installation and give a free FlexrStep Ladder (reg $99) for any Springfree Trampoline model purchased from 8/25/15.
Our most popular models are the 8 x 13 Oval (especially for little gymnasts!) and the 11 x 11 Squircle (lots of space!), but we can help you determine which size will best fit your space and needs.

10 ft round  $1649
8 x 13 oval  $1799
11 x 11 squircle  $1999
13 x 13 squircle  $2399

Installation (reg $299) NOW $199
FlexrStep Ladder (reg $99) NOW FREE! 
Basketball Hoop $179

( Bonus- customers who purchase both a swingset AND trampoline (at once) get free installation on both)


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