November 18, 2012

Holiday Installations

We still have spots available for your holiday installations and assemblies. We continue to install right up to Christmas Eve (and beyond). We can also do pick-up/deliveries at all local stores.
We have the lowest assembly/installation prices in the area, with excellent, personalized, customer service.

We have special winter pricing at huge discounts, specials, and bonus items available. There are also 2 display models left at lowered prices for the holidays.

Some great gift ideas-
  • swingsets
  • playhouses
  • trampolines
  • basketball units
  • playhouse bunkbeds
  • seesaws, picnic tables, sandboxes
  • indoor play lofts
  • playroom/bedroom sets        

September 23, 2012

Outdoor Play

There are so many benefits of outdoor play for young children. We should try to get the kids outside everyday, whatever the weather, even for a short time. Playing on a swingset (climbing, swinging, sliding, etc) promotes childrens' critically developing gross motor skills, which encompasses movement, perceptual motor, coordination, balance, and more. Particularly for toddlers and preschoolers, swingset play offers rich opportunities for these emerging skills and developmental areas. Playing on and around your swingset also promotes cognitive development (creative and critical thinking), imaginative play, and fosters social skills and cooperative play with others. Older children benefit as well, in their ongoing physical and social development, as well as building their self-confidence, and providing an outlet for their abundance of energy. Try to get the kids outside as often as possible - to play, learn, and grow.

August 27, 2012

We Do House Calls!

Ask about our famous "House Calls"! Have our swingset expert come to you. 
We can 
*assess your yard 
*consider any challenges or issues 
*measure and mark out your playspace 
*discuss your best options based on your factors
*answer any questions and make recommendations
*help you map out your swingset plan. 

No obligation, no pressure, no pushy salesperson - just a friendly, helpful consultation from our swingset expert. We can help you figure out all the details.
We understand that this is a big undertaking, and getting information, advice, and insights from a knowledgeable, experienced professional right in your backyard can make all the difference in helping you make an informed decision and getting great results.
We know there is a swingset for every family! Let us help you create yours.