July 22, 2013

Summer Swingset Safety

Make sure children are safe playing outside in the heat. Lather on the sunscreen, hats and sunglasses can be worn, hydrate often, and take turns alternatively playing inside and outside .... a half hour out on the swingset, an hour and a half inside, then a trek back out to the yard for more swinging and climbing. Huge blocks of time outside in the sun/heat is a lot for young ones, so its better to divide their outdoor play in segments. Plus it alternates childrens' play between active, energetic play and quiet, more focused activities (reading story books, puzzles, crafts, table games, blocks etc). Both kinds of play are important and alternating like this can also help prevent meltdowns, crankiness, and over-stimulation.

If possible, let your child have a favorite special "backyard cup" she uses for keeping hydrated in the heat. One with a cap and straw is ideal, or for younger tots, a sippy cup is good. Fill it with ice and water, and let him be "in charge of remembering to drink often" like a big kid! Having a fresh fruit snack in the fort or at the playset picnic table is fun too.

Tip- if the slide is very hot, hose it down before use.