December 14, 2013

Last Chance For Holiday Installs! Trampolines & Swingsets

Our holiday installation schedule is filling up quickly! 
We still have a few spots left for playset and trampoline assemblies the week of Christmas. All our swingsets are heavily discounted with $99 installation. Our trampolines are at the lowest prices of the year with discounted installation. As prices will be going up in 2014, this is the ideal time to get your swingset or trampoline at a very low price - prices you will never see again! Select trampoline models come with a free ladder while supplies last.

Play equipment for the backyard make great family gifts for the holidays. We will help you figure out which option is best for your family. If you would prefer to have your swingset or trampoline installed in the Spring but want to take advantage of these great prices, call to discuss a Hold-'till-Spring plan.

Call for details or go to
Brian 908-338-9011

October 30, 2013

Trampoline Sale Special!

14 ft AlleyOop Variable Bounce Trampoline with FREE basketball hoop and FREE ladder!

Regular price: $1499 + installation $299, basketball hoop $160, ladder $60.
Special price: $1299 + installation $250, free basketball hoop and ladder!

GREAT DEAL! Available for immediate or holiday installation.
Call Brian 908-338-9011 for more information. •



 AlleyOop Sports 14ft VariableBounce™ Trampoline Systems • Complete Single-Bed Unitized Systems including our safest patented Triple-Fail-Safe™ Enclosure



Product Features

  • 14 feet in diameter
  • Engineered for safety with our Variable-BounceTM Technology and our exclusive patented Triple-Fail-SafeTM Enclosure System
  • Heavy-Duty frame is made from pre-galvanized steel that is 1.9 inches in diameter
  • Exclusive Lifetime Warranty
  • Deep Forest Green Powder Coating          
     Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Steel Frame – Lifetime

    • Enclosure Poles – Lifetime
    • Jumping Mat Fabric – 5 years
    • Mat Stitching/Strapping – 5 years
    • Enclosure Net – 5 years
    • Springs – 5 years

October 15, 2013

Display & Holiday Sales at Swingset Solutions

 Annual Display Sale

We have been selling our yard display models at big discounts off the regular sale prices of corresponding sets, since October 1st. Discounted display models go out fast, so if you are considering purchasing one, you should get there quickly. There are 3 models left in the yard (pictured below).

Every year, in late February, the swingset manufacturers put out the new years' models. Usually, the basic structures are the same, but they often tweak some minor details, adding a new feature or making improvements on a component. Sometimes, they'll change the look or layout of a set, perhaps changing the configuration, or making the set more adaptable for custom options.
This is the reason many swingset stores sell their years' display models at the end of the primary "swingset season" - out with the old, in with the new.
Given that the display models are less than a year old, with minimal use, they're practically brand new, in excellent condition. We sell our display units with the full manufacturers warranty. Customers may choose to have our installer re-stain the set upon installation to give it a shiny, fresh look. Depending on the model, most sets cost between $200 - $300 for a stain and/or seal application. 

Although display models are sold "as is", a customer may add additional items to a unit. For example, if you wanted monkeybars on your swingset, you could order a new monkeybar package at the regular price to be put on your sample model. Monkeybars, cafe tables, ramps, playhouse enclosures, and additional slides are some of the components you can add to a display model. And of course, you can purchase additional different types of swings for the beam (baby bucket swing, glider, tire swing, etc).

Display model sales can be scheduled for installation starting November 1st. Certain models may be installed sooner. 
Although we are only at the store on weekends now (Fri - Sun), you can visit the showroom yard anytime to take a look at the remaining sets. While you are there, feel free to call us to ask questions, get information, or discuss options. If you are unable to come during a weekend, we would be happy to meet you at the store any weekday by appointment. Just give us a call to schedule a time (numbers below).

As always, new swingset purchases are available all year long, and are discounted for Fall/Winter since October 1st. From this point on, we offer free installation on all new sales (display models are $99 installation). 
If you are considering a swingset for a holiday gift for the family, we encourage you to put your order in as early as possible. Hanukkah and Christmas usually see a spike in orders, so getting to "the front of the line" and locking in an installation date ensures you'll have your set when you want it. We install sets right up to Christmas Eve (barring snow!). Installation slots the week leading up to Christmas is first-come first-serve. 

For the display models listed below, you can get details about each set on the website (dimensions, footprint, options, etc).

We are always available by phone 7 days/week.
Brian 908-388-9011
Michelle 732-688-8548

Display Models

Original Fort 
tarp and slide are green

Original Fort II 
slide is green

Original Playcenter 
tarp and slide are green

September 27, 2013

Want a Swingset, But Have Questions?

Ask about our famous "House Calls"! Have our swingset expert come to you. 
We can 
*assess your yard 
*consider any challenges or issues 
*measure and mark out your play space 
*discuss your best options based on your factors
*answer any questions and make recommendations
*help you map out your swingset plan. 

No pressure, no pushy salesperson - just a friendly, helpful consultation from our swingset expert. We can help you figure out all the details.
We understand that this is a big undertaking, and getting information, advice, and insights from a knowledgeable, experienced professional right in your backyard can make all the difference in helping you make an informed decision and getting great results.
We know there is a swingset for every family! Let us help you create yours. 
Call 973-585-7977 

August 9, 2013

Our Playground Products

Superior Play Systems and Woodplay Playsets offer the best in cedar and redwood premium outdoor play equipment. Modular, customizable, able to grow with your children, and with lots of cool add-ons and components to keep the fun going. 
Bring the excitement of the park to your own backyard. Visit us and see how we can help you find the playground that is just right for your family.

28 Rt 10 W
East Hanover, NJ 07936 


July 22, 2013

Summer Swingset Safety

Make sure children are safe playing outside in the heat. Lather on the sunscreen, hats and sunglasses can be worn, hydrate often, and take turns alternatively playing inside and outside .... a half hour out on the swingset, an hour and a half inside, then a trek back out to the yard for more swinging and climbing. Huge blocks of time outside in the sun/heat is a lot for young ones, so its better to divide their outdoor play in segments. Plus it alternates childrens' play between active, energetic play and quiet, more focused activities (reading story books, puzzles, crafts, table games, blocks etc). Both kinds of play are important and alternating like this can also help prevent meltdowns, crankiness, and over-stimulation.

If possible, let your child have a favorite special "backyard cup" she uses for keeping hydrated in the heat. One with a cap and straw is ideal, or for younger tots, a sippy cup is good. Fill it with ice and water, and let him be "in charge of remembering to drink often" like a big kid! Having a fresh fruit snack in the fort or at the playset picnic table is fun too.

Tip- if the slide is very hot, hose it down before use.  

May 25, 2013

Small Yard? No Problem!

Our slogan - A swingset for every family!

You can still get a swingset even if you have a small yard, compact play space, or irregular-shaped area. Only modular, customizable playsets like ours can adjust for different yard sizes and tight spaces.

For smaller yards or play areas, we have "space-saver" models, and models that can be modified to fit your space constraints. There are lots of options for limited yard space, and we can help you figure it all out.

Here are just a few options for small or irregular yard areas (click photos to enlarge).

Most models can utilize a 2 position swingbeam rather than the standard 3 position beam. That saves almost 3 feet of space. BELOW

 Or we can utilize a double swing-arm in place of a swingbeam. This eliminates the whole A-frame (swingbeam and "leg" posts) from the set and instead, a shorter 4x6 beam is placed across the front of the fort and a swing hangs on either side of the fort. Note: without the A-frame support, this option is only for young children and light swinging. BELOW

If you want to go even smaller, you can get a fort with just an accessory arm, an extension that comes off only one side of the fort. An accessory arm cannot support active swinging with a regular swing, but you can use a trapeze or baby swing on it. This option is the smallest space-saving type of model. BELOW

Below are some angle-base units with single and double swing-arms. Notice that an angle-base unit has the slide coming off the side of the fort/deck (first picture). Angle-base models have more length and are narrower. We can modify an angle-base model by moving the slide to the front and placing it over half of the wide-angled ladder (second picture). If your yard/space is short on length, you may now be able to fit the angle-base unit using this configuration. BELOW

There are many other ways we can modify and/or customize a set to adjust the footprint for smaller spaces. Our playsets can adjust size/shape by moving some elements in different positions. For example, on a square-base model, the rockwall can be placed on the side of the fort or in the back of the fort. The slide can shoot out from the front or the side of the base. The swingbeam can be place on the left or the right of the base, depending on the space.

We know it can be difficult choosing a swingset in the best of circumstances. Choosing a playset with limited space can be extra challenging (many companies dont want to be bothered and will tell you you cant fit a swingset - we think every family should be able to have a playset!).
Thats why we do home consultations - also known as "house calls". We can have our playset expert/installer come and do a consultation right in your backyard! This helps ensure you get the right set with the right fit, and that the swingset you choose is placed properly and safely. He will measure and mark out your designated play area, review the different options, assess any challenges, offer insights and ideas, and help you figure out your best options (the person who does the consultation is the same person who does the installation, our all-around swingset expert, Brian). We always welcome calls for questions and advice, and are always happy to help you throughout the whole process; before, during, and after your purchase and installation.

Check out for a start, and call us if you need help measuring and mapping your play area. We can help you figure out all the details!

32 Rt 10 West
East Hanover, NJ 07936
(located inside Ultimate Fitness Store)
973-585-7977 / 732-688-8548

April 21, 2013

New Location!

Swingset Solutions has a new location with Wood Gym Outlet in East Hanover. 
We have a large outdoor showroom with all new swingsets, trampolines, basketball systems, and more! Wood Gym Outlet has been in the playset industry for over 30 years and has some of the best products on the market.
We are proud to offer Superior Play Systems, Woodplay Playsets, SpringfreeTrampolines, Goalrilla Basketball Systems, and more. See our new products at We have a large variety of swingsets that can be customized to fit any yard or play space, and every budget. There is something for everyone!

For our Bergen County customer base - we realize this may feel out of local range for you, but we would love to continue working with you and the community. The new location is about a 20-25 minute ride, but it is worth the trip! We are also still happy to come to you for our "house calls" (our consultations right in your backyard), where we can measure and mark your play area, review options, and give you insight and advice to help you find the right swingset for your family.

Swingset Solutions (Wood Gym Outlet)
28 Rt 10 W
East Hanover, NJ 07936

April 14, 2013

Swingset Solutions Has Moved!

Swingset Solutions has moved!

We have joined Wood Gym Outlet in East Hanover. We have brand new lines of premium redwood and cedar swingsets, top-quality trampolines and basketball systems. We are very excited to offer these exclusive top-of-the-line products to our customers through-out NJ (and NY).
We now have a beautiful, spacious outdoor showroom full of our most popular display models, for kids to play on, and Mom and Dad to check out the quality and craftsmanship. We are open 7 days a week, from 11am to 5:30pm, with flexible evening meetings. We still offer our famous "home consultations", where we bring the swingset expert to you, right in your backyard.
We are very proud to have a following and many referrals in the Bergen County area, and we assure you it's worth the 20-25 minute ride to come see us for all your backyard play needs.

You can check out all our new offerings at

Visit us at -
28 Rt 10 E
East Hanover, NJ 07936