May 25, 2013

Small Yard? No Problem!

Our slogan - A swingset for every family!

You can still get a swingset even if you have a small yard, compact play space, or irregular-shaped area. Only modular, customizable playsets like ours can adjust for different yard sizes and tight spaces.

For smaller yards or play areas, we have "space-saver" models, and models that can be modified to fit your space constraints. There are lots of options for limited yard space, and we can help you figure it all out.

Here are just a few options for small or irregular yard areas (click photos to enlarge).

Most models can utilize a 2 position swingbeam rather than the standard 3 position beam. That saves almost 3 feet of space. BELOW

 Or we can utilize a double swing-arm in place of a swingbeam. This eliminates the whole A-frame (swingbeam and "leg" posts) from the set and instead, a shorter 4x6 beam is placed across the front of the fort and a swing hangs on either side of the fort. Note: without the A-frame support, this option is only for young children and light swinging. BELOW

If you want to go even smaller, you can get a fort with just an accessory arm, an extension that comes off only one side of the fort. An accessory arm cannot support active swinging with a regular swing, but you can use a trapeze or baby swing on it. This option is the smallest space-saving type of model. BELOW

Below are some angle-base units with single and double swing-arms. Notice that an angle-base unit has the slide coming off the side of the fort/deck (first picture). Angle-base models have more length and are narrower. We can modify an angle-base model by moving the slide to the front and placing it over half of the wide-angled ladder (second picture). If your yard/space is short on length, you may now be able to fit the angle-base unit using this configuration. BELOW

There are many other ways we can modify and/or customize a set to adjust the footprint for smaller spaces. Our playsets can adjust size/shape by moving some elements in different positions. For example, on a square-base model, the rockwall can be placed on the side of the fort or in the back of the fort. The slide can shoot out from the front or the side of the base. The swingbeam can be place on the left or the right of the base, depending on the space.

We know it can be difficult choosing a swingset in the best of circumstances. Choosing a playset with limited space can be extra challenging (many companies dont want to be bothered and will tell you you cant fit a swingset - we think every family should be able to have a playset!).
Thats why we do home consultations - also known as "house calls". We can have our playset expert/installer come and do a consultation right in your backyard! This helps ensure you get the right set with the right fit, and that the swingset you choose is placed properly and safely. He will measure and mark out your designated play area, review the different options, assess any challenges, offer insights and ideas, and help you figure out your best options (the person who does the consultation is the same person who does the installation, our all-around swingset expert, Brian). We always welcome calls for questions and advice, and are always happy to help you throughout the whole process; before, during, and after your purchase and installation.

Check out for a start, and call us if you need help measuring and mapping your play area. We can help you figure out all the details!

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