October 24, 2016

Fall Swing Set & Trampoline Sale - BIG Savings!

All Superior Play Systems swing set models are on sale now! Every model is discounted and Select Monthly Specials are up to 40% off the sale price - the lowest prices of the year!
Trampolines and basketball hoops are also discounted for Fall. Special promotions on select units - call for details.


June 9, 2016

Swingset Season!

It's full-swing into Swingset Season, and we wanted to share some of the awesome custom creations our families chose for their playsets this year. Our premium heavy-duty play systems are modular and can be customized in so many ways. 
Choose your deck height - 5 ft, 5.5 ft, 6.5 ft, 7.5 ft. Choose a beautiful wood roof or a bright colorful canopy. Choose a scoop slide or a wave slide. Choose a 2, 3, or 4 position swingbeam - or no swingbeam. You may opt for a single or double swing-arm instead. 
You can choose from many standard or specialty swings - belt swings, bucket swings, trapeze swings, rope disc swings, glider swings, hammock swings, bench swings, stand-up swings, even a skateboard swing! 
Add-ons are plentiful as well. There are monkeybars, rockwalls, ramps, firepoles, second-level skylofts, and much more. Finally, add the finishing touch to your custom creation with accessories: ship wheels, telescopes, binoculars, telephones, mailboxes, chalkboards, and a tic-tac-toe game panel.

You can go small and basic - or big and loaded! You can start with a basic set-up and then add on over time, little by little or all at once. We want you to have the exact kind of playset that you want, one that fits your space and your budget. We have a LOT of options. And we will guide you in creating the playset that's just right for your family.

Here are some of our customer creations from this year so far.

Swingset Solutions

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East Hanover, NJ 07936

213 Route 22 East
Green Brook, NJ 08812

March 26, 2016

Happy Easter from Swingset Solutions

We want to wish all our customers, colleagues, and friends, a very Happy Easter!

Swingset Solutions

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East Hanover NJ 07936

113 Route 22 W
Greenbrook NJ 08812


December 17, 2015

Swingset Solutions - Happy Holidays!

We wish all our customers and friends a happy, healthy, and joyous holiday season!

Swingset Solutions
32 Rt 10 W
East Hanover, NJ 07936

October 2, 2015

Best Deals Of The Year! BIG SAVINGS on all SWINGSETS!

As we inch closer to Winter and dread the chilly days ahead, we have an idea to warm you up  - get your playset NOW and save big bucks! Before prices go up in January, before the Spring rush next season, get a great deal all around by getting your dream backyard playground for the family now!
Here are the benefits -
Incredible slashed prices - display model prices for brand new!
Free local delivery and installation!
Avoid crowded stores and long waits for installation!
As always, we can help you figure out the best choice for your family and discuss all the important questions you have - what size, which style, what options, and many more. We are always here to help you choose just the right playset for your family. Whatever your budget, whatever size yard you have .... we have something for everyone. We can customize our playsets to make it just what your kids want in their backyard fun.

Come visit or give us a call - you can get a consultation at the store, on the phone, or at your home (our much-loved House Calls!).

Some of our best deals, starting October 1st 

Swingset Solutions
32 Route 10 West
East Hanover NJ 07936


September 5, 2015

BIGGEST Swingset Sale Of The Year!

Our Summer's End/Back To School Sale Specials are the best and biggest we've ever had!

We have some great deals for you, from our basic swingsets to our largest mega-combo playsets, as well as discounted prices on our Springfree Trampolines.

There's always something for every family, and every budget, with Superior Play Systems. We have carefully priced every model to be as affordable as possible - and our playsets come fully loaded (no nickel-and-diming on accessories). Every playset comes with 2 fort accessories (but you can add in more), 3 swings, all safety handles, ropes, and more. You can always add more components later, but our low-priced playsets come with everything to get your kids started on their backyard fun. 

Come visit us and let us help you find the best option for your family. Whether you have a small yard or play space, multiple ages in your crew, or just aren't sure where to start, we can discuss the many different options available, or help you customize a playset that fits your family's needs.

Best Value In Backyard Play

Swingset Solutions
32 Rt 10 W
East Hanover NJ 07936
(located inside Ultimate Fitness Superstore)

August 25, 2015

Springfree Trampoline Sale!

Springfree Trampolines - the best, safest trampolines on the market!

Get your Springfree  Trampoline for your family - it's FUN, it's FITNESS, and it's the safest and best-performing trampoline out there. The bounce on a Springfree is bouncier than any other trampoline. And you get full surface use - there is no padding around the edges taking up precious play space. Everything your body comes in contact with on a Springfree is soft and flexible. No metal springs, no metal poles, nothing but a spacious surface full of bounce and a "soft but strong" heavy-duty enclosure net. 

Our customers have been enjoying their Springfree Trampolines for years. We request and value their feedback on all our products; we get their first-hand opinions on how they feel about their trampoline after using it for a while, and they have all given their Springfree Trampolines a big thumbs-up! They love them, the kids enjoy them, the adults enjoy them, the whole family gets in on the fun! They like the zipper enclosure entry (easy in, easy out), they like the strong netting that bounces you right back, they like the strong serious bounce, they like the spacious area to play, they like the durability and way they've held up over time. 
Bottom line - our customers feel good about investing in their Springfree Trampoline. And that makes us feel good, and we want to make it as easy as possible to have other families get theirs. 

End of Summer Deal - we will take $100 off your installation and give a free FlexrStep Ladder (reg $99) for any Springfree Trampoline model purchased from 8/25/15.
Our most popular models are the 8 x 13 Oval (especially for little gymnasts!) and the 11 x 11 Squircle (lots of space!), but we can help you determine which size will best fit your space and needs.

10 ft round  $1649
8 x 13 oval  $1799
11 x 11 squircle  $1999
13 x 13 squircle  $2399

Installation (reg $299) NOW $199
FlexrStep Ladder (reg $99) NOW FREE! 
Basketball Hoop $179

( Bonus- customers who purchase both a swingset AND trampoline (at once) get free installation on both)