April 11, 2024

Custom Cedar Play Systems For Your Backyard!

 We can help create your family's backyard playground, from first look to completion. We offer personal consultations to help every family figure out their best options for their home play system. Every family has different factors to consider, different expectations and different visions for their home playground. We have lots of options! 

We offer a large selection of customizable playset models in a wide range of sizes, styles, and price points, all from one manufacturer that specializes in modular, expandable, "design your own" play systems! 

From your store (or website) visit  to purchase to installation to follow-up care, we will guide you through the process with professional, dedicated, friendly customer service. We'll offer insights and advice without the sales pressure. We make exceptional customer service our first priority and strive to provide a positive, productive customer experience. You'll find it's what sets us apart from the big companies and chain stores. Our passion and dedication is helping families just like yours create the best backyard playground that will provide years of family fun and memories.

Let's talk playsets! 

Visit, call, or send a message to get started. 

Swingset Solutions

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February 16, 2022

Bring the Playground To Your backyard!

 A New Year - A new Backyard Experience! 

Swing into 2022 with a new home playground for the family! 

A home playground is extremely convenient, safe, and think about all those future birthday parties, holiday gatherings, and family get-togethers; a backyard playset has many benefits in addition to the main one - a safe, fun playset for your kids to enjoy for many years! 

Playground One playsets has a large range of sizes, styles, and price points, to ensure there is something for every family. We can help you choose the components and options to build the playset that "fits" your family. There are lots of accessories, add-ons, and specialty swings to customize your playset. And you can always add on or modify your playset down the road. 

From basic to fully loaded, from compact to combination units, we have play systems that work for every family, and we can guide you to creating the backyard that is your family's personal playground!

January 4, 2022

Springfree Trampolines - Get Yours Now!

 It is the perfect time to get your Springfree Trampoline! Avoid the 3-4+ month wait in Spring/Summer, and get discounted installation until the end of January.

Orders are already accumulating and lead times will grow.

We have these models available for quick delivery and installation:

11x11 square $1999

8x13 oval $1799

FlexrStep ladder and Basketball kits are available for your trampoline.

You already know Springfree Trampolines are THE safest trampolines on the market. But did you know they're also the springiest?! Yes, the safe play and the super bounce go hand-in-hand to make Springfree your choice for your family's new backyard adventures!

With an unprecedented 10 YEAR WARRANTY, you are covered and can count on years of family time fun and fitness with your Springfree Trampoline.

Order yours now!

Delivery & Installation $299 Limited Time $150!

March 26, 2021

Custom Cedar Backyard Playsets & Swingsets

 Thinking about getting a playset or swing set for your backyard .... but where do you even start?

We are not just a retail store that sells swing sets. We are a comprehensive playset company that offers guidance from start to finish in choosing, creating, purchasing, installing, and maintaining your family's custom play system. We will walk you through all the logistics of planning your backyard play space, including the play area surface if you choose to have that. It starts with a personalized consultation, either by phone, in our showroom, or at your home. We'll consider your space, your budget, your thoughts and ideas, and combine that with our extensive knowledge and expertise, and create a playset based on our models, components, add-ons, and accessories.

Our team will walk you through the process and guide you through all the details (which deck height is best? wood roof or vinyl canopy? how many swing positions? do we want monkeybars? Can we add on or modify later ((Yes!)). Once finalized, we'll write our invoice and you'll be placed in our queue for a future delivery/installation date.

 At the installation, our expert installer will offer guidance on placement, positioning, orientation, and proceed with assembling the playset and conclude with a final inspection. We'll inform you about our ongoing Maintenance Services, how you can add onto or modify down the road, best practices for upkeep and care of your playset, safety information, warranty information, and lots of other helpful information. 

A first step is browsing our website and Pinterest boards to get some ideas and inspiration, and think about what type of playset and activities you may want.






We look forward to helping you with your backyard playground.

Swingset Solutions

213 Route 22 E.

Green Brook, NJ 08812



May 19, 2020

Playsets & Trampolines!

As we are experiencing extremely high call and email volume, due to the showroom being closed, please allow us some time to return and/or answer your phone calls and emails. We WILL get back to everyone who contacts us. 1. We are currently fulfilling all playset/trampoline orders. 2. We are installing all orders as quickly as is possible; please allow for extra time and please be patient. Wait times will be longer than initially estimated. Our installation crew is working very hard at a challenging time. 3. We are happy to take orders for all our products, please understand that lead times will be a bit longer than usual. 4. We ❤ our customers! Thank you for allowing us to serve your family. Stay safe!

August 16, 2019

Outdoor Play And Swing Sets

There are so many benefits of outdoor play for young children. We should try to get the kids outside everyday, whatever the weather, even for a short time. Playing on a swing set (climbing, swinging, sliding, etc) promotes childrens' critically developing gross motor skills, which encompasses movement, perceptual motor, coordination, balance, and more. Particularly for toddlers and preschoolers, swing set play offers rich opportunities for these emerging skills and developmental areas. Playing on and around your swing set also promotes cognitive development (creative and critical thinking), imaginative play, and fosters social skills and cooperative play with others. 
Older children benefit as well, in their ongoing physical and social development, as well as building their self-confidence, and providing an outlet for their abundance of energy. 
Try to get the kids outside as often as possible - to play, learn, and grow.

July 15, 2019

Summer Swing Sets!

It's Summertime and swing set season is in full swing!

Let's take a look at some of our clients' custom creations so far this season for your own inspiration. Then head on over to our showroom and let us help you design the perfect backyard playground for your family.

We'll walk you through all the details, from start to finish. 

Swingset Solutions
213 Route 22 E.
Green Brook NJ 08812